Activities & Educational Tours

From horse riding to the giant swing, Stephen Margolis Resort has all the adventure boxes ticked. Whether you’re a thrill seeker or after quality family fun, join us for incredible thrills and spills every day. Zoom across our dam on one of our three (yes, three!) ziplines or get the wind in your hair on our speedboat cruise. We are open 365 days a year and you do not need to book to come and enjoy everything we have to offer. Join us and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Our list of activities includes the following:


Our calm dam waters are great choice if you’re an experienced canoeist or a newbie to the canoeing world. The dam is wide and shallow, with plenty of beautiful scenery and one of our team is always available to give a helping hand.


Fishing at Stephen Margolis Resort is a wonderful and relaxing experience. A sport for those with patience, the rush you get when you hook one of our bass, bream or catfish in our teeming waters is second to none.

Giant Pool & Water Slides

Beat the heat at the perfect spot to cool down all year long! Our Giant Swimming pool measures a gigantic 30m x 20m and has two thrilling water slides to help you splash down in style. Our Blue water slide measures over 50m long and winds rapidly down from a height of over 10m into the water below. Suit up for the ultimate water slide and get drenched charging down the wetter-than-wet slope, in a mad race for the finish!

Giant Swing

Harare’s highest giant swing, standing 10m tall, is right here. Our Giant Swing is set in a stunning position overlooking our dam. Guests get sent hurtling towards the ground before swinging out over our waters beyond.

Horse Riding

See the sights of the Resort on horseback, led by one of our guides. We have horses and ponies to suit people of all ages and horse-riding abilities. All of our horses are well-trained, sure-footed and have very pleasant temperaments.

Kid’s Play Area

Children are constantly learning through play—making new friends, sharing, taking turns and interacting with other children. As well as being heaps of fun, our kid’s play area, complete with paddle pool and jumping castle, is the perfect setting for children to hone key social skills.

Mini Golf / Putt Putt

Our thrilling mini golf is packed full of unique, inclusive fun for all of the family. With a mixture of easy and more challenging holes, this is a truly family-friendly experience we know everyone will love.

Speedboat Cruise

Get ready for speed, screams, and splashes! Our speedboat cruise is entertaining, turbo-charged fun. Feel the wind in your hair as you glide across the dam, carving out exhilarating 180-degree turns. Simply nothing like it!

Virtual Reality Simulator

Fun. Immersive. Realistic. Our VR Spaceship is Zimbabwe’s first and a hit with people of all ages. Grab your headset and jump aboard on a motion-driven adventure. Experience life-like simulations delivering a burst of emotions and an adrenaline rush, just like being there, in the heart of the action.


We can promise that our ziplines are an experience unlike any you’ve experienced before! Feel the wind beneath your wings as your soar across our sparkling dam waters. Our team will help you enjoy a safe and amazing experience.